The phone inside El Capone's main parlor rang for a while, then picked up by Andrea, who just stepped into the room.

"Hello, am I speaking with his royal highness?" The voice on the other side of the call asked.

"No, his wife is on the line."

"Libra is speaking, I need to talk to him."

"He is busy and far from me, but speak, and I will deliver your message."

The line remain silent for a while, then the voice on the other side mumbled.

"El Ramon visited me, and offered me a bribe to accept only his signature on the Country P's foreigners invoice."

"So what was your reply?"

"That he should give me some time to inform my comrades. He threatened to kill me if I refused his offer."

"Thank you for informing us, I will tell my husband, and he will get back to you."

"Please do, we are in precarious conditions."

"Can I ask for your opinion about the ongoing crisis?"

The man on the other side of the call paused for a while, groaned, and let out.

"Though El Capone's decision will leave us penn
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