The event inside El Guje's palace became hectic in a few hours, and the violence in the air became more noticeable as dusk approached.

In truth, men love darkness more than light, because the formal enables them to exhibit the evil in them without being seen, while the latter makes them hide their mission, for the fear of being spotted.

As soon as the darkness descended, four men were seen in the section of the palace where the light from the florescent placed on different strategic places couldn't reach, and their whispering became audible as they sneaked closer to some unawares men who lay on grasses far off.

"His he among them?" One among the men asked in a whisper from his comrades.

'Aye, that's him in the middle."

"With a white shirt and just a pant?"

"Why asking? All of them must be killed. No witness," one among the men whispered back, with a sneer.

"I know, I just want to be sure that our main target is struck first."

"Yes, but none must escape as well," the man replied,
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