The sky became dark when the clouds chased off the shy stars. The gentle breeze from the east suddenly came to be violent, turned into the wind, then into a whirlwind. A moment later, the pregnant cloud gave birth to droplets of water, and the whole arena soon flow with erosion that seemed to be cleaning the remaining debris that the heavy breeze forget in haste.

Except for the occasional snoring of drunk, and drugged men, the palace was silent for the first time since the celebration started. Suddenly, the street lights everywhere clicked off, and instantly throw the whole place into darkness.

When the appointed time reached, some men crept out of their hideout, then merged with the darkness that suddenly loom over the whole arena.

Tonight, the black ninja assassins will be going for the kill, and the ten men were fully prepared to achieve their target.

As expected, this is a do-or-die affair, and the men were seen with dark lines on their foreheads, to signify their willingness
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