The Country P representative arrived at El Ramon's palace the following day, but they were amazed to discover that the prince had relocated to his father's palace.

Left with no choice, the three men squad retraced their steps back to the mafia king's palace and were admitted into his private quarter to await prince El Ramon.

"He will be with you in a few minutes, please," one among the guard bowed and announced.

"It's okay, we aren't in a hurry."

A moment after the guards left, a lady appeared with a tray of wine and three glasses. She served the two men with a fixed smile, bowed, and was gone as quiet as she has arrived.

"Here befit us, and Priest will look good on the mafia throne," one of the men whispered to his comrades.

"Yes, but I will suggest we build our palace. Who knows how many secrets enter and exit here?"

"You are right. We will never be saved here."

"Yes. We need our fortress."

One among the men saw a six feet statue of a man with an aristocratic look, he stare with
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