The following morning, the announcement of Banjo as the general of the red witch gang brought instant jubilations to the newly employed mafias, and their satisfaction can be seen as they hugged each other.

"All of you are only accountable to him and the royal house. And must henceforth serve as a watchdog over my other section of mafias," El Ramon announced, paused his speech, glared at the men in his front, and resumed after a while, " I expect you to serve and respect him the way you did when he was your leader when you are with my brother."

"Yes, your highness."

"I hope you are aware that the generational punishment is now signed into law?"

"Aye. We know!"

"Good. Any actions or reaction that may put the royal house in danger is considered treason, and the punishment is the death of you and your whole family."

"Before all gods, we will defend the royal house with our lives."

"May the gods strike us to death if we dare betray the trust you have in us?"

El Ramon raised his left
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