It was the season of harvesting, and the whole of Greenwich is as busy as a colony of bees.

As an island with eight months of the rainy season and four months of the dry season, the rainy season will soon be over, and the planters need to wait for more than four months before the land will be tilled again.

As usual, these four months are used to rest, play, and plan for the coming rain.

Because the planters won't be making a dime during their involuntary rest, they usually fall back on their savings, and most time, spend all and need to start afresh the following season.

So when the royal house promised to be paying them during this dry season, the planters were overwhelmed with happiness, and this may be the reason for the low production among the lazy ones.

To their dismay, some guards in the red and black uniforms of proportional numbers drove into the farm and ordered the planters to gather for a brief meeting.

"By order of his imperial majesty, prince El Ramon. You are all t
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