When a child is cunning enough to die during the dry season when the ground is hard, the parent should be wiser enough to bury him or her at a riverside.

This can be likened to the case of Madam Achia who was busy in thought about how to save her family.

Unknown to her friend, she now has several spies among her lady of attendance that are reporting directly to her, and as the benevolence god's wishes, two were among the ladies at the foreigner's headquarters.

The dismissal of her workers had brought only a little setback to her source of information.

From her sources, she knew of the three assassins' presence in Johji Inn, and something more.

The plan to poison Andrea.

With this information, maybe the royal family will be merciful enough to free her son. Maybe, just maybe.

With this hope of reuniting with her most valuable family, Madam Achia stepped out of her house, then into her car, and the driver ignite the brand new jeep. And was about to drive out of the fence, when a lad
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