Because a man that dipped his hand inside a scorpion's hole must be fast with whatever he is looking for, the twenty men inside the two speedboats knew their safety lies in speed.

"We only have one hour, and we are leaving there, with or without madam Achia, ten minutes after."

"Okay, boss."

"The two of you should stay here and keep the engine running until we come back. Let's go."

The men dived into the river and swam towards the barbed wire that separated the mafia palace from the rest of the water.

A moment later, they arrived there, brought out some pliers, and quickly cut the iron on their way, then swim into the palace territory.

"We are swimming to that bridge over there. Be quick before we are spotted. Here is not save."

They swim for a while, arrived at the bridge, climbed up, then walked noiselessly towards their right side.

A guard suddenly appeared from the far end, stared into the darkness, and the men stood still and thought they had been seen.

But the guard soon turne
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