Jade was the first guest that Priest will be entertaining as soon as the daybreak. And he had no choice but to yawn out loud, dragged his tired feet into the bathroom, had a cold shower, then dressed to kill, to look presentable to his August visitor.

Because bad news is better than no news, Priest was glad the lady kept her promise and is here to inform him of the feedback from her boss.

His dressing was faster than usual, and he was soon in the presence of the beautiful lady that had captivated him since he set his eyes on her.

There is something special about Jade's green eyeball. Something dangerous, yet enticing and bewitching. And she keeps reminding him of the beauty of a cobra snake.

"Am so sorry for keeping you waiting. Am a late sleeper, and was about to fall asleep when I heard you are here."

"Oh... I hope I didn't inconvenience you in any way."

"No, please. And why aren't you drinking the wine?"

"Wine is too sweet for my taste, especially early morning like this. I prefe
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