Because of Onishi's state of health, a lady of service was assigned to his side.

The lady's name is Amara and she was the lady seen discussing with Jade some days back.

Because her work is to glance at the unconscious man and make sure he is still breathing, the lady had the opportunity of dozing beside the sick man.

Her eyes snapped open when she heard hiccups beside her, and she quickly leaned over him, and a smile appeared on her face at the realization that he is awake.

"Please help with water."

His voice was in a whisper, but audible enough for the lady who promptly stood from her seat, picked up a cup of water, lift the man's head, and helped him gulp water down his throat.

"Where am I?"

The man's face looked scared as he gaze around, tried to stand from his laying position, then grunt louder and laid back in pain.

"Take it easy, you save here."

"What happened, and how did I get here?"

"I have no idea of what happened, neither did I know when they brought you here. You are hu
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