The preparation for lady Agatha's rite had started In the mafias king palace. As tomorrow is D-day, all necessary materials had been bought, and the 'Muah' sound of the cow tied closer to a tree nearby boomed louder In the palace arena.

As for lady Agatha, she was seen supervising the preparation and to make sure everything work according to plan.

Because the celebration will start in the early morning of the day, most of the cooking will be done overnight.

"Where is the man that will slaughter this cow?" Lady Agatha's voice sounds louder over the chit-chat of the maids and mafias around.

"Here I am, madam."

"What are you waiting for? Kill it and removed all the skin, before cutting it into smaller pieces."

"Yes, madam."

Lady Agatha stepped closer to the maids at the section of cooking, peered at their preparation for a while, and promptly offered instructions on the way it should be done.

"Slice the onions into smaller bits, and the tomatoes should be blended separately. Just call m
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