The three foreigners left prince El Ramon's presence. They walked through the long corridor and arrived at a security post where they were thoroughly searched before they were allowed to pass through.

The fresh breeze that welcomed them as they stepped into the palace compound was welcoming, and the men breathing out with relief nodded at the mafias at the palace doorpost, then stepped among the tall flowers and soon got lost among the vast garden that adorned the mafias palace.

Because it was during break hours for the maids, the garden was filled to brim with beautiful ladies of various shapes and colours, and they all stare at the three foreigners who gawk at almost anything they see.

After nodding, greetings, and several salutations, Augur set eyes on the lady he was seeking, signalled to his comrade, and they stepped closer to the two ladies who were giggling under a large tree.

"Greetings to you, fairest among all the maids in this palace," Augur bowed at the fixed stared ladi
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