As usual with Johji Inn at this time of the day, the place is as dry as desert land when Jade stepped through the gate, and all eyes fell on her as she walked closer, staggering like a barfly.

Shocked by the appearance of the lady, the ladies of attendance can be seen gathering to talk over the unexpected arrival of who they thought will be locked up inside the cell in the palace.

"Is that not the lady that murdered the mafia, why is she here and not in the chain?"

"Maybe she is innocent. I can't believe a fragile lady like her can murder that huge mafia."

"Can you see the way she is walking, I guess she is drunk or on drugs."

"Shh. She is closer to us."

"Are you afraid of her? Why should I lessen my voice?"

The lady watched her as she stepped passed them, then tiptoed after her, when she walked towards the sections made for managers and administrators.

"Where is she going?"

"Let's follow her and see."

The lady who just emerged is far different from the Jade they were used to.

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