As soon as the sun lost its hotness, Johji Inn soon became filled with the legs of customers who seek for liquor, sex or just to feed their eyes.

Hours later, the DJ music collided with the time the stars emerged in the sky and the noisy place quickly became more disturbing by the loud music and the gags of the drunk customers.

Only a few people noticed the lady dressed in a white backless top and blue skimpy skirt as she emerged out of the administrative's section, stepped into the liquor section and ordered a bottle of the strongest liquor in the store.

Being a single lady in such an environment, all the male eyes around soon divert towards her exposed flesh and a bold one among the secret admire stood up from his seat, picked up his bottle of liquor and walked toward the half-closed eye lady who waved to the wild beat.

"Hello, mind if I seat with you?"

Since the lady appeared to be deaf or just ignoring him, the tall and well-muscled man with a bald head sat with a grunt, sipped
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