After Zuma's deployment back to the palace, he suddenly becomes a pal of the prince and it's of common sight to see him in the presence of El Ramon, even at unusual times.

Today, he was dressed in a clean and ironed red uniform, and was seen bowing in front of the prince and his queen.

Seating on the chair far off were the famous sisters whom he had heard so much of, and the ever vigilance eyes of the mafia quickly noticed the resemblance between her majesty and one among the two sisters.

"They looked like twins, so identical," he murmured to himself as the memory of the dead prince flowed into his mind. "Just like El Capone and El Ramon."

"I want you to lead ten men to johji Inn and try and find out the cause of that fire outbreak. Then searched the forest at the back of the Inn for anything suspicious. We need to know if this is arson or just negligence from the lady's side."

El Ramon's voice jolted the lost in thought mafia to consciousness, and he jerked awake, bowed and answered
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