Ten men arrived inside a large speedboat, jumped into the river and swam towards the open space that leads into the palace.

Having been great swimmers, only their heads became visible as they moved noiselessly through the body of water.

Barrymore was seen in front of the invaders, and he raised his hand, showing two fingers to signify the presence of two mafias, and then waved to a man beside him to target one of the mafias as he target the other one.

Because their weapons were fixed with a silencer, the gunshot sounded like a friendly slap and two mafias suddenly looked stunned, tried to cry out, staggered and fall without making a sound.

"All clear," Barrymore mumbled, swim forward and they arrived at the foot of a tall creek, then climbed up to the plain ground.

"Did you know the way?"

"Shh. Lower your voice. We will follow this map-, let's go."

After peering at the map in his hand for a moment, Barrymore signalled to his men to follow him and they walked through the deserted
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