They walked for a long time in total silence and darkness, except for the light from Barrymore's tough light that led the way and the nine men followed.

Where the invaders emerged was a long corridor that was carved out of rock.

Barrymore halted suddenly and raised his left palm up to signify the presence of unwanted visitors.

"Can you hear the footsteps?"

"Aye, they are coming this way."

The men were on their knees immediately and their guns were poised at the source of the noise.

A moment later, hundred of rats appeared far off, paused at the sight of the unwanted visitors and there was absolute silence as both parties gaze at each other.

"They were staring at us as if they will be attacking us any moment, what should we do?" The youngest among the men whispered from the back.

"They are on a mission as us. But unfortunately, this route is not wide enough for all of us. Either we go back or we drive them back," Barrymore let out.

"I can't believe our first war will be with the rats.
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