A man that fetched live coal with his bare hand must be in haste to pour them where it's needed.

The Foreign Country P merchants had fetched live coal with their bare hands and this was the reason why they were seen with open eyes when they ought to be closing their eyes and resting their weary bones.

"What is delaying, these people are supposed to be back by now!" The priest who can no longer contain his anxiety exclaimed.

"Let us be patient for a while, the day is still young," Augur let out.

"What about Aries and the mercenaries, it has been a while since we heard from him?"

"Aries will be leading the men into the island as soon as possible. Everything is ready and they were just waiting for the right moment." Priest mumbled.

"I hope we remembered the mercenaries that were coming are to fill the lapses for our dead guards and not to invade the palace. The second batch is those who will start the attack before the last batch comes in," Aries clarify some of the men who seemed to be
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