Lights from lamps illuminate the foreigner's headquarters, casting on the guards on duty, as they stroll to and fro.

As usual with every night that is devoid of stars, the teeming darkness scared the night birds off, and only the croaks of the frogs disrupt the perfect silence.

Suddenly, a loud bang can be heard on the big black gate and one of the guards stationed at that spot peeked through the hole made on the gate and asked, "who are you?"

"We are the mercenaries, open this gate."

"Where is Aries? I was informed he will be leading you into this island."

"We were attacked when we reach Greenwich island and lost Aries during the battle. Open this gate now, we are weary, thirsty, hungry and sleepy."

"Please wait for a moment and let me call our boss."

All the faces he was seeing were strangers and this was contrary to the instructions given to them. They were to allow the mobs that will be led by Aries and not any kind of mobs in tattered clothing.

"Who is at the door?"

"Some fierce-
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