The Devil

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The Devil

By: RediousInPaper CompletedFantasy

Language: English

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Man, always lives in wrong ways and sins. No one in the world lives because he is perfect, or because he is sinless. Everything that moves on the earth has him at his fault. Sometimes, you are not aware, that you have committed a sin that you must pay for in the world of the abyss. The sound of death’s music is one of the reasons why my work increases. The word karma is attached to my name. I am the maker of karma. It's up to the person, whether they learn their lesson or they repeat their mistakes. It is up to them to decide, what path they will choose, whether to go to heaven or to be one of my disciples.

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77 chapters
Chapter 1
I took a deep breath as I watched the souls of those who had sinned."All right, turn on the fire," I ordered my companions, they obeyed and immediately increased the fire, which made the surroundings even louder because of the moaning of the people there."Princess Ksara, your father is calling you." Bored I looked at the caller to me, I took a deep breath then took the tail of the dragon that was next to me."All right, I'm on my way." I gently said then lowering my tail and legs, I started to walk out of this room while the tail that I was holding was beating the people near me.I breathed a sigh of relief as their noise disappeared from my hearing, deafening.I walked upstairs to Father's room while fixing the tail of the dragon that I was holding.Two of my father's staff opened his door, and from outside I could smell my mother's fishy smell with my sister. I was shocked to see the three of them looking at me."Are you calling me?" I asked and sat down on an empty seat here in f
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Chapter 2
"What's in her head?""Is that horn or a headband?""She's just new here.""Does she have a horn? Halloween is still far away."That's one of the things I hear here as I walk. The world of human, they are so chaotic and judgmental, they all have a place in hell where they have to speak all at once otherwise they will be thrown into boiling brimstone.I stopped walking and looked at the sky, the sun shining on my face causing me to close my eyes.If I was the only one to follow, I would take that thing away. Too dazzling, painful in the eye."Hey girl, are you new here?" I looked down at the man in front of me, if I'm not mistaken he was a rapist, a murderer in front of me.The smell of his sin, if I can't stop I might be able to play with him. I just looked at the man then passed him and walked again."Hey, I'm talking to you!" I stopped when he shouted at me."Ayst ..." I took a deep breath then looked at the man."Do you want to ... Play?" I asked intriguingly, I smiled when he stop
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Chapter 3
I smiled when I finished putting on the clothes of a servant I had just kidnaped, I looked at the body of the servant who is now not breathing. Looks like hell this one failed.I looked back to the front and narrowed my eyes when I saw a servant going in this direction so I immediately walked to meet her."You're just here." She said and suddenly handed me a tray with only food."Take it to the prince's room and tell him to take a bath, that pet of yours is reprehensible." She said so I smiled, it looks like the prince is the only one I victimized. If you are lucky again.The Yuniko is the prince's bodyguard inside or outside the palace, meaning I can always follow the prince, wherever he goes.It's good that this weak creature didn't even notice that I looked different."I'm going to see him," I said and walked into the palace carrying the tray that the woman handed me.As soon as I entered the door of the palace, I immediately smelled the sins of everyone there."Smells good," I whi
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Chapter 4
I smiled at the three of them as I stood in front of them, my target looked at me in astonishment and confusion while the two with him were sitting next to him and crossed their arms."You're the new Yuniko?" My target asked me, and I nodded. He frowned and then laughed."Seriously, it's a miracle that mama took a yuniko woman." He whispered then looked at me."Okay, you're my new yuniko." It said the reason for the two with him to look at him badly."What?" At the same time, two men asked him."Pavel, you can't just trust her." Said a man as tall as me."Why?" Pavel asked him, the man took a deep breath and then punched the prince hard."What if it's a spy or an enemy, aren't you doomed? Another thing, aren't you wondering why your new yuniko is a woman? What if she didn't go to the screening and she's a psycho pretending to be your yuniko?" He asked, Pavel, laughed and then hit the man hard."She's not like that." Laughing he said then looked at me."How did you say so?" Bael asked
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Chapter 5
I grinned as I arranged the pillow that we would leave in his room so that no one would notice that he left, I smiled and looked at the prince who was nervous and was looking at his bed."Are you sure this will work?" He asked and looked at me."Sure, this is what young people do these days," I said, he took a deep breath."Can we just say goodbye to father? Maybe he'll let me, it's getting late." He said I rolled my eyes causing him to be surprised."Your Highness, it's not always necessary for your parents to know everything you do, the word 'Privacy' disappears when you let them know everything," I said, it looks like I'm going to have a hard time with this man.He is very kind, honest, and selfless. I should have left this place a long time ago if he had done something wrong. It sucks."Is that so? I was just worried that I might be seen outside the town." He said so I clapped my hand behind my back and then showed him the handkerchief I was holding."Use this to cover your face,"
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Chapter 6
"It's so beautiful," Pavel said with a smile as he looked at the lights that serve to illuminate the town, its color changes every 1 minute. I just stood behind him while looking at him, he looked like a child when he looked like that. This is his first time out of the palace, I won't wonder why. "Look at this Yuniko, what is this thing?" Pavel asked with a smile as he looked at the carriage. I grinned. "It's called Carriage," I said so he looked at me. "Carriage?" he asked. "Are you deaf? I just said that, didn't I? You can ride if you want." I said so his eyes widened and he suddenly grabbed my hand causing my forehead to frown and I could see again what I saw earlier. "Let's ride!" I immediately removed the prince's grip on my hand, I stood up straight, and then looked at him. "Well, go ride, I'll just be here," I said, he frowned and laughed. "You so killjoy, let's go," he said and suddenly he held me again causing me to see some images in my mind again. I violently pushe
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Chapter 7
"These ornaments are beautiful!" Pavel said like a child while holding shells of different colors. I just followed him while he went around the market.I don't know about this guy why he likes colorful things, it's an eyesore, to be honest.And until now, I'm still angry because my plan didn't work earlier.I was wrong, it looks like I'm going to last a long time on this mission.It is not easy to make this man evil. It sucks."Yuniko look at this." He faced me and suddenly held my hand causing me to see some images again, I was surprised when he put a bracelet on me.I frowned as I looked at him he is smiling and looked at the black bracelet that he put on my left hand, it had a heart-shaped blue color in the middle, it was small and alone."It's beautiful, look at this too," he said and raised his right hand, it was the same as the bracelet he wore on me.The wrinkles on my forehead slowly disappeared, and he smiled and looked at me."That, that's a symbol of our friendship," he sai
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Chapter 8
I quietly observed the scene here at the top of a building outside the town with the prince.He was in awe of the colorful scenery up here, I rolled my eyes. The lights are so painful to the eyes, it would be nice if there were fires and many screaming human souls asking for help."It's really beautiful here," Pavel said with a smile so I looked at him, he was smiling while looking at the scenery.My eyes squinted, poor creature, it just came here.He suddenly looked at me so I looked away, I heard his laugh so I was in agony. Does this one always laugh? What's so funny? Is he crazy?"Thank you." Suddenly he said that made me stop. I slowly looked at him. He looked at me while smiling."Thank you for bringing me to this place, this is a night I will never forget." He said with a smile, my eyes widened as he suddenly came to me and hugged me.I closed my eyes because of the images that suddenly appeared in my mind. I swallowed and immediately pushed Pavel away from me. He looked at me
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Chapter 9
"Bastard!" The king gave a strong slap to his son when he got close to him, the surroundings were quiet while looking at the two, I crossed my arms then leaned against the wall and watched them."Didn't I tell you that you can't leave the palace?" The king asked him angrily, Pavel just bowed his head and did not answer. Weak."How many times have I told you that you cannot leave the palace until you become king? Are you that stubborn?!" The king asked his son irritably, Pavel looked at his father."I'm sorry father, I won't do it again," Pavel said, his father immediately pinched his ear causing me to laugh and they looked at my behavior, I got a strange look from the king so I slowly straightened up and bowed."Sorry." I then said to stand properly."Who are you then?" The king asked, causing Pavel to look at his father."Isn't she the one you picked for me?" Pavel asked his father so the king looked at him with a frown."What are you talking about? The only one we got for you is a b
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Chapter 10
"Help!""Forgive me!""Arghhh!""Have mercy on us!"I reluctantly opened the door to my room and saw Alada torturing a soul."Ksara, why did you come back so soon? Is your mission over?" She asked when she saw me, I ignored her. Instead, I lay down on my bed and glared at a soul who had been following me one after the other, he immediately got scared and ran away."Why do I feel like you have a bad mood today?" Alada asked again, I glared at her so she laughed and took the eye of the soul she was torturing then came to me and opened the eye she was holding."Oh." She said, I just rolled my eyes to her and started to restore my true form."Looks like your mission isn't over yet but you're here and back to being a demon." Alada said laughing as she played with those eyes."I don't want to finish the mission." I said then took my weapon. "I would rather punish souls here than be with that man." I said causing her to laugh.I glared at her."Are you joking?" she asked then suddenly went b
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