The mercenary who volunteered to exercise his muscle against four guards was a short and thin man with curly hair and a clean chin. And he was seen stepping out of the men in line, walking towards the foreigners who stood staring at him, bowing at them then walking back into the space within the circle that was just made by the country P guards and their newly employed mercenaries.

"If the weakest among my men can beat four of your guards, then you will agree with me that we are up to Onishi's story of our courage and strength," the leader of the mercenaries who had introduced himself as Presido asked with an impish grin.

"Yes. You had proved your prowess if he win."

"His name is Kikuchi and he is the smallest and weakest among my men. Singlehandedly, he killed ten men who attacked his village, and that was what drew us to him," Presido explained as the four men circled the small man in their midst and pounced on him.

Kikuchi slipped off the grasp of the closet guard, stepped left to
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