When a toad jumped in broad daylight, then the toad is after something, or something is after the toad.

This is the case of prince Onishi who was seen sweating under the scorching sun that is associated with that island at this time of the year.

Discarded of all his disguised, the expressionless-looking prince watched over his shoulder as he walked through the busy market, ignored the market men and women as they called out to all passersby to branch their stall, then arrived in front of a blue-painted building with a large wooden gate at the entrance.

After knocking thrice, two red eyes peeked through the hole in the wood, glared at the newcomer, and a voice asked from the other side, "who are you?"

"My name is Onishi, I have paid for this place and I believe some men were awaiting me inside."

"Onishi-, there is a secret code that you need to mention for us to be sure you are who you claimed to be."

"Aye. All for the crown."

"Please come in."

The door was unlatched from the other s
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