The first crisis to be settled the following morning by the angry-looking prince has to the with the two dead inside Johji Inn.

According to the report submitted to the palace, two of the administrator were found dead in the executive lodge, after a night of sex orgies.

"Can you please, explain how it all happened?" Prince El Ramon who seemed uninterested in the whole saga asked after reading the lady and the mafia's statement.

"I celebrated my birthday yesterday and decided to throw a party to increase the Inn sales. This mafia here is the lucky man that ends up spending his night with me and my co-administrator-."

"Go straight to the point and stop beating around the bush!" El Ramon cut into her speech, jerked his head upward and stare at Andrea as she walked into the palace's main parlour, smirked when she bowed at him, then grinned as she sat at the chair adorned with lots of gems beside the throne.

"So sorry, my lord. I just want you to understand what leads to the death of the
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