Sheila arrived at Johji Inn even before the stars resumed their night duty, and most of the ladies of attendance gathered around her as she stepped into the fenced wall of the inn.

"How come she is back so fast?"

"I can't believe she won't even spend a night in the cell!"

"She must have some power over the royal family that we are not aware of."

She heard the gossip behind her back but ignored them. Unconcerned, she hugged her two friends and held their hands, then dragged them towards the section that is meant for the Inn's managers and administrator.

"What happened over there?"

"Shh! I will explain to you when we reach my room."

"I can't believe that you will be back tonight."

"Ahh! Sheila is truly well connected and deserves the post of the administrator of this Inn."

"Thank you, but I don't want us to talk about this here. Let's go to my office."

The two ladies seemed to be afraid to step inside, and they both halted at the doorway, then looked terrified as Sheila dragged them ins
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