The worst feeling on earth is to be betrayed by loved ones, and only a strong man can forgive such deception.

Zuma wasn't excluded, he was as sour as an injured mule when he walked into Andrea's section of the palace to demand the presence of his lover.

After thorough checking for concealed weapons, he was admitted into Andrea's quarters, allowed to seat at the lounge in front of her room, and a glass of locally made wine was offered to wetted his throat until his betrothed arrived.

The sad-looking mafia was deaf to the romantic song booming from Andrea's room, and his mind was turbulence over the woman whom he had trusted with his love.

"Trust is earned, not given. Did you trust her?"

His subconscious screamed out, and he immediately sighed at his hypocrisy.

"Of course, I don't trust her. I had kept a lot of secrets from her as well."

Nevertheless, the wound from the disloyalty was still fresh when a pretty-looking lady in well-adorned clothing stepped through the dark curtain, wal
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