Apart from its bogus name, Adams creek was like a normal creek with dirt and debris.

Located on the posterior side of the island, and inhabited by wild animals, the route leading to the creek was mostly deserted during the daytime, and desolate at night.

After packing their cars at the open field closest to the creek, Priest and the guards with him dropped down, brought out their prisoner and the whole party walked towards the source of the humming sound of a speedboat.

"The two of you should stay here, two over there and also at the back of those trees," Priest pointed to some among the guards with him, then towards some well-defensible spot and let out.

"Yes, boss."

"Apart from the expecting twenty-two mercenaries, Augur and Barrymore. Don't allow anyone to pass through this route until we leave this island."

"It will be done, boss."

Priest and his guards followed the footpath route and arrive at the riverside, and the men immediately dispersed into the forest before them to awai
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