The merry-go-round started as soon as daybreak, and the ladies of attendance were glowing with excitement by the time the sun peeked in the sky.

Unlike when everywhere smells of booze and sex, Johji inn was washed and decorated with balloons, drapes, chair and table covers, twinkling lights, purple linens, and lots of beautiful flowers. And looked different from its usual state, and not like an inn for sin.

Overcrowded by the feet of mafias, fishermen, planters and local merchants who came to watch the sales of their favourite Inn, and booming with music from the DJ who arranged his musical gadget within the inn's fence. Johji Inn is a place to be at this time of the day.

As for the ladies in attendance, they were dressed to kill and enjoy once-in-a-lifetime attention from the tons of men who toured around the inn.

Hours later, twenty mean-looking mafias strolled into the inn and walked to the liquor section, then stepped onto the podium that had been laid with red rug and decorate
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