Jade and the mafias with her sailed through the night and arrived at their destination when the sun was blazing in the sky.

After being cleared out of the wharf, the lady and her watchdogs were met by two men in black suits and sunglasses, and their overgrown beards made them look weird to the gawking mafias.

"We would have informed you not to bother coming anymore," one among the men opened the bout of a black jeep, collected the bag of dollars from the mafia hand, then dumped it inside the bout and signalled to them to hop inside.

"The prince's money is no longer needed, and the foreigners ship it's on its way to Greenwich wharf as we are speaking."

"I don't understand. Where did you see the money to pay for it?"

"Third, fourth and fifth beasts pretend to the sailors and sailed the ship back to Greenwich island."

"How did they have access to the sailor's clothing and the keys to enter the ship?"

"They called us as soon as they were aboard and narrated how it all happened."

"Am curi
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