Onishi sailed through the night and arrived at his destination when the day was almost breaking.

After tying the speedboat to a hold beside the creek, the excited Prince grinned as he walked through the lonely part, arrived at a T-junction, branched left, walked for a while and emerged in front of a blue-painted Inn at the side of the road.

Since he had travelled through the night, his eyelids were as heavy as lead as he walked into the open gate of the inn. And he wishes for nothing, except the refreshment of a bath and the comfort of a soft mattress.

Because most of the workers and lodgers were still in bed, the Inn was deserted as he walked towards the receptionist's hall, coughed louder to wake the old woman on her seat, and then let out after, "I need a room with a telephone."

"Hundred dollars for twenty-four hours. And your time start immediately I gave you the key."

"Okay. Give me the key and show me the room. Am so tired and needed to rest."

"Kindly fill this form, and make
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