Jade and her accomplices had vowed not to return to no man's island until Onishi is found. Since giving up is out of the option, the three assassins stepped into their fourth inn, peeked around, and then wobbled into the liquor section. and this was the reason why they lodge at an Inn overnight, and then resumed their mission as soon as brightness chased the darkness away.

So far, all the Inns visited had produced no positive result

After seating down around a table and ordering some bottles of liquor, the three customers' eyes darted around the inn to search for their target.

Moments later, Jade's eyes fell on a familiar face, and she immediately signal to her comrades, stood from her seat and walked towards the ladies of services who had been gawking at them since they emerged inside.

"Your face is familiar... Have you ever worked in Johji Inn before?"

"Aye. I remember you-, Jade! Am I the right?"

"Yes. It's good to see your face again. How is life treating you?"

"Good and bad.
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