Since their arrival on this island, Priest and his lucky survivors had been hidden inside a small cottage in a ranch far from the main city. Luckily for them, their hideout was owned by a Country P citizen trading over them and this made Priest's mind to be relaxed in terms of safety, but filled with anxiety at the absence of Onishi.

All hope, dream and desire seemed to be dashed against the wall when the prince reported that no mercenaries is waiting for him, and he knew he was only waiting to confirm if this is a joke before ordering his death.

When the silence becomes intolerable, Augur who is seating close to Priest and staring at his dejected face asked, "What's the way out now?"

"We need to wait until Onishi comes. I don't think there is anything we can do in his absence."

"Except he had been swindling us all this while, there is no reason why he shouldn't be here by now."

"Barrymore is right, it's over twelve hours since we last heard from him."

"Yes. Even if he trekked from
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