The room is small, clean and tidy. And only a tiny mattress beside the window served as the furniture.

After removing his shoe, the weary prince sat with a growl and lolled his back on the blue-painted wall.

"This is my room and you are safe as long as you are here."

"Thank you, I owe you my life and will forever be grateful to you."

"No need to pledge forever indebted to me... What will you like for breakfast?"

"Am not hungry, please. My situation is overwhelmingly and had denied me of my appetite for food."

"I insist that you eat something to regain your strength for the task ahead."

"First tell me how you planned to help me."

The lady removed the little clothing on her body and sat naked beside Onishi.

"First and foremost, you must realize that Priest won't forgive you for betraying him, neither will he agree that the failed mission is not your fault," she paused her speech, breath in loud, fixed her eyes on the man in his front and resumed, "attack is the best form of defence, I
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