Five years later,

"Are you all ready for the war?" Austin addressed his team. "I said, are you all ready for the war?" He shouted.

"Yes, sir!" His team responded.

This mission is to die. A soldier is a modern warrior, and we should be ready to face death for our country's sake. What are we? "

"Rangers!" They all responded.

"And what do we do?" He questioned

"We will defeat all terrorists!" They chorused.

Austin paused for a while and looked into the faces of the soldiers. They all kept straight faces as they waited for their leader's order. "Bring your tags out everyone, and also your last letter in case you didn't make it."

"Yes, sir!" They all responded and did as told. Ten soldiers were present on the plane. There are five males and five females.They all dropped their tags and last letters on the brown paper provided by Austin.

"Remember, this mission is to death. Lungo! " He called.

"Yes, sir!" A sturdy man about 179 cm tall stood up and saluted Austin.

"Prepare to land," Austin said to him.

Irish, mocha, Affogato, Doppio, cortado, latte, Americano, and cappuccino. Are you all ready to fight to the death? "

They all stood up and saluted Austin. "Yes, sir."

The plane opened and the soldiers braced themselves to land. The hot air blew into their skin as they awaited their destiny.

"Ten seconds to jump!" Austin shouted. Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one. Jump! "

The soldiers all jumped from the plane. It was the start of a battle that was going to leave the world bloody.

a formalized paraphrase

A week ago,

Running in the morning was a daily routine for Austin after he came back a year ago from Afghanistan. Austin decided to retire from the military after he came back, but his request was turned down because he was considered the best at what he did. As soon as he came back from the war, Austin got promoted to lieutenant colonel.

Austin stood tall at 6'3 with a muscular physique. His hair was low-cut and he didn't have any beards because he considered it a source of stress. That morning, Austin's plan changed. "I'll be back soon, sweetie." Austin placed a kiss on a little girl's hair.

The little girl jumped in excitement and hugged Austin's leg. "Let's get ice cream once you get back to Austin," the little girl said to him.

"Okay, sweetie." He blew her a kiss and walked out of the house. Placing a headphone on his head, Austin began his morning run. He ran from his house to the city park. The distance from his house to the city park was two minutes, but with Austin running, it took him only 60 seconds. Austin jogged around the park, ignoring the people around him as he always does. There were a few people in the city park, and they were all focused on their phones, as if they were listening to some news.

Have you heard the news? "A small town in Mandoe was attacked this morning. A woman holding a baby whispered to her friend.

"No," the friend replied.

It's all over the news. Everyone is talking about it. The woman with the child informed her friend.

"What's going to happen to each one of us?" The friend shook in fear of the danger that was yet to come.

Austin didn't hear any of their gossip as he was focused on his workout. He was oblivious to his environment. A little boy who seemed to be around five played his football in the park. He heard a noise coming from the bush near the park, and he wandered off into the bush. Two minutes later, the screeching noise of the mother of the little boy caused everyone in the park to turn their direction towards the woman except Austin, who didn't hear a thing because he had headphones on and his back was facing them.

"What happened?" A man who had also come to the park for his morning workout questioned the woman.

"There!" The woman pointed to the bush. The man who asked her the question walked into the bush, but he suddenly ran out screaming. "There he..." He struggled to catch his breath. "Something like, erm,..." he paused to think. "A creature is in the bush and he has the boy!" He announced, and soon everyone ran away except Austin and the mother of the boy. The park that was once filled with people became silent.

"Help me!" The woman rushed to Austin and touched him.

Austin was taken back by who had touched him. He hates it when people touch him. He removed his headphones and turned to face the woman, ready to scold her, but he didn't when he saw the tears in her eyes.

"My son..." The woman pointed to the bush. "He is in the bush and a creature is about to kill him!" The woman informed him.

"A creature!" Austin wondered and looked around him. There was nobody in the park except the woman and him. "Where..." He opened his mouth to ask a question when he heard the growling. The woman quickly hid behind him. Austin moved closer to the bush and asked the woman to leave the park.

"What about my son? I need to make sure my son is okay! " The woman argued.

"Do something for me," he requested. "Call the police and ambulance in case your son is injured or dead."

"Are you saying my son is dead?" The woman quaked in fear.

"In that case," Austin responded, with no emotions in his tone. He gave the woman a final look and walked into the bush with courage. He was a warrior, and he had dealt with situations like this. Austin walked farther into the bush, making sure he looked left and right. He went deeper into the bush, making sure he surveyed the area. Austin whistled as a sign that he was ready for what awaited him. He heard a noise behind him and quickly turned to the tree that was on his left side. He saw the little boy hanging upside down with his eyes closed. Austin didn't know if the boy was dead or not, but he knew something was behind the tree watching him and ready to attack.

Austin didn't move to help the boy because he had been taught that your enemy could be around you without you knowing. The creature growled silently and revealed itself. The creature crawled from behind the tree. Austin took his time studying the creature. He had dealt with terrorists in the past and killed hundreds of people who deserved it, but he had never seen a creature that looked like a human but had the appearance of a wolf. Austin never believes in myths such as werewolves and vampires. He knew they weren't real, but when he saw the creature, he knew some things were surprisingly real.

The creature had hairs on his face with two fangs coming out of his mouth. His eyes were blood red and his hands that were on the ground had claws. The creature growled and rushed to strike Austin with its claws. The creature seemed to look like a female as its breasts were on display.

The creature bared his fangs at Austin, but he beat the creature to it. Austin kicked the creature in the stomach and threw it towards the tree. The creature made no noise and rushed to strike Austin again. Austin grabbed the creature by the hand and broke it. The creature shows no sign of pain as the broken hand suddenly heals up.

"What the hell!" Austin thought.

The creature circled Austin, waiting for the perfect moment to strike. Austin didn't know what to do because he didn't hold his gun and he never knew something like that was going to happen. The creature continued to circle Austin, eyeing him with its red blood eye. But Austin didn't want to be the prey, so he prepared to attack the creature. The creature jumped, and Austin also jumped. They landed on one another, with the creature on top and Austin below him. Austin held the creature's hand to avoid getting stuck with its claws. The creature bared his fangs at Austin, who was only a few meters away from his face.

Austin knew that if he didn't try to overcome the creature, he was going to die. He didn't deserve to die yet because his daughter was waiting for him back home. Soon, the sound of sirens sounded and the creature growled.

"Hands up!" Five policemen walked into the bush with guns in their hands. They pointed the gun at the creature, who turned to face them. The creature snarled at them and rushed at the policeman. The policeman began to shoot endlessly as the creature grew closer to them.

"It can't die!" Austin stood up and shouted. "We need to capture it!" He shouted again. "Duck!" He shouted to a police officer that was about to get attacked by the creature. The police officer ducked the creature's paws and landed beside Austin.

"What do we do?" The police officer asked Austin "That creature is dangerous."

"It won't die!" Another policeman added as he fired his bullets nonstop. When the police officer saw that the creature didn't die from the bullets shot at him, They ran out of the bush. The creature went after them.

"That's a thing you cannot get out of here." "Grab the child while I go after the creature," Austin said to the police officer with him.

"What will you do? You are a civilian! It's my job to protect you, "the police officer argued.

Do as I have told you or you will regret not listening to me! Austin answered back and ran out of the bush. When he got out, the creature already had two police officers by the throat and was ready to strike them. "Kick it in the stomach!" Austin pointed to the creature's stomach. The officers did as told and the creature dropped them hard to the ground. Austin whistled, and the creature turned to face him. Austin looked around him for a weapon, and when he saw a rod lying a few meters away from him, he slid to his right to grab the rod, which he used to hit the creature on the head. Austin repeatedly hits the creature on the head until it drops to the ground with red liquid pooling out nonstop.

Austin dropped the rod and held his head with his hands that had blood on them. The little boy was rushed into the ambulance by the attendant, and the mother followed the van. The creature had stopped breathing and was also moved into another ambulance that was called in by the police.

Two police officers came to meet Austin to question him.

"Were you hurt?" What happened here? " One of the officers questioned

Austin looked from one officer to another but didn't answer their questions. "Sir, I'll like it if you answer our question."

"I'm lieutenant colonel Austin Davinson, and right now, I'm not in the right state of mind." I'll come to the station myself. "

"Sir!" They both saluted. "We will be expecting you at the station, sir!"

Austin didn't reply and walked out of the park with two questions on his mind. What kind of creature did he see, and what was the creature doing in the city park? When he got home, he turned on the TV, expecting to see news about what happened in the city park, but no news came up. Austin was surprised that no TV station was talking about it.

The afternoon came, but still, no TV station talked about the incident. Austin turned on the TV station numerous times, but he got disappointed when no news popped up.

Evening came and Austin received a call that changed everything.

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