Chapter 11

"You are the firstborn, you go and check," Lotus yelled out while holding Marcus.

"You are the one that has got the mouth; go and talk to it." Nephius replied, "Barrick, what exactly did the snake woman tell


Barrick shivered and ignored his brother's query, despite being as cold as a stone and sweating like he was running a marathon. The Naga had appeared before Barrick, the youngest, and handed him Omen, her son. While putting him in his hands, she said, "Take him; he is your young brother; Omen is his name." She said, "He'll save you all," and then vanished. Barrick was handed a baby in the shape of a white lion with wings. He threw it to the ground and ran screaming at the top of his lungs. In order to protect themselves, they locked themselves in their parents' chambers.

His brothers thought it was a joke when he came running, but they all took off when they saw the Pixiu running after him in excitement. It thought they were playing a game and kept chasing the brothers unti
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