Chapter 16

Within a flash, Clarris, Darrell, and Cleselda disappeared. King Jerald and his family froze in fear and each could hear their own heart beating. They were all terrified and kept staring at the Nemo as it waved its spiked fluke. It noticed their eyes all over it and sensed their fear forcing it to go back underwater.

“Omen!” King Jerald called out whilst crawling near the water.

“My love, we have no idea if it can recognize us or not,” Rachel tried warning her husband but Jerald blocked her with his hand.

“In how many forms is it? Is it a shapeshifter?” Nephius asked.

“A Pixiu, Nixie, and Naga form a Nemo,” King Jerald replied.

“Omen, come out! We are not going to hurt you,” King Jerald yelled out again.

His wife and sons stared at him in shock, they couldn't believe what he had just said.

“Father, it's us who are scared of it, not the other way around….” Daniel corrected.

Instead of coming out of the water, its Fluke came out at a speed of light, getting past everyone who screamed
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