Chapter 29

Princess Elsa stood up and helped Darrell up, “Ooh I remember you, you are Darrell, Clarris's pet,”

Darrell pretended not to have heard her, he placed his hand on her shoulder, turned her into a mouse, and continued sipping on his wine like nothing was happening. The Dark knight came by flying and stopped when he saw Darrell's figure.

“Have you seen a princess pass through here?” he asked.

“What would a princess be doing flying around Deadman's forest alone,” Elder Lee replied.

“Just answer the question, old man,” the Knight replied.

“Why don't you climb up and make him,” Darrell intervened.

The Knight stared at them but decided to fly off and look for the princess before she got far. The two were only wasting his time.

In his pocket, Princess Elsa was failing to breathe. Darrel got her out and placed her on his palm.

“Turn me back into human form, are you crazy?? Of all creatures, you chose a rat!” Princess Elsa said out in disgust.

“A mouse is the only cute creature that could fit
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