Chapter 37

The horn was sounded for the Intruders forcing all the knights and Sorcerers to be on alert and a thorough search was initiated in the palace and surrounding areas.

Cleselda kept screaming at Everyone, she had no idea how Omen was able to penetrate the shield when her spell was still up and strong.

Omen ordered Marcus to begin the flooding of the palace while Darrell shapeshifted into himself and one of the knights spotted him and sounded an alarm that sent all knights in Darrell's direction as he ran around the palace distracting them all from Marcus and Lotus.

Lotus Finally arrived at the slaughter Dungeon where the young virgin's blood was being drained and their life sacked out as they screamed unnoticed. Omen ordered him to burn it all but he declined. There were a lot of young girls in the dungeon and it was being guarded by huge ugly creatures. They looked like orcs but uglier and he could not take them out alone and burning the entire Dungeon with innocent girls was not an o
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