Chapter 38

“Get to Marcus, he is dying,” Omen Finally replied to Lotus.

“What? where how, where is he?” a very confused Lotus asked.

“In the far west, I will be there,"

“But they have started playing the flutes!” Lotus reminded him, but there was no reply, “Hey wait a minute how come your English is good?” Lotus asked but again there was no reply.

But before he could move, he noticed more Knights heading his way, “Move now, we need to take all the flutes to the courtyard,” One of the Knights yelled at him. To avoid suspicion, Lotus followed them and they began ordering the Orcs to move the boxes of flutes while the remaining girls were taken to a holding cell. Seeing that the girls were safely away Lotus quickly whirled fire.

Before the other knights could realize what was going on they were all on fire. He kept whirling until the entire Dungeon was engulfed in fire. Crying voices of Knights and Orcs could be heard coming out of the dungeon. He then came outside and burnt the remaining flutes
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