Chapter 42

Rocks were flying everywhere, they were all sure that the cave was going to collapse on them. Clarris's heart became louder and louder forcing them all to shield their ears. The entrance was sealed and the walls began curving in. They held each other and waited for the cave to collapse and bury them.

After hours of trying to stop her from killing them, she finally stopped and there was silence. Princess Elsa felt every pain in her body, she was the one hit the most because her body was thrown at the rocks.

Darrell got up quickly and checked on her, “Are you alright?” he asked.

“Just my back and head, what was she thinking? I knew that she was only waiting for Omen to be out of the picture, she is going to kill us all,” the Princess cried out.

“No no that wasn't me,” Clarris replied confused “I do not know but……. that wasn't me.”

“Liar, let's clash her to death, we all saw that it was you,” the Princess spat out

“Did you all hear the beating sound?” Lotus asked, to which they all agre
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