Chapter 51

Marcus ran over to his brother and checked whether he was breathing or not. He turned him over and breathed a sigh of relief, there was a heartbeat.

“Lotus Lotus Lotus Lotus,” he called out “please brother wake up,”

He was so worried about his brother that he forgot about Clarris. Behind him, Clarris was busy cutting the ropes off her arms with her teeth. He was not aware that she rolled over to the body and began chewing on the ropes as he was busy trying to resuscitate his brother.

After minutes of chewing the ropes snapped and she smiled. The body quickly picked her up and reattached itself. She wasn't sure if it was going to work but to her surprise, a phenomenal force of energy swept through the field which was followed by lightning causing all the flowers to dry up.

Marcus looked down and knew that he messed up, Clarris was back. Her snake-like hair hissed behind him and he could feel the death hovering above him.

“So where did we end off?” Clarris hissed “oooh the curse, your
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