Chapter 53


Cleselda sat in her tomb hopeless, she gave up teleportation. What was eating her utmost was the fact she could not think of a way out. After hours of cracking her brain, it occurred to her. She quickly got up and teleported to Arthora.

She was going to outsmart Omen she thought to herself. Going back in time wasn't a bad idea. If there was one thing that she learned in her long years, was that; Always use and embrace whatever you are given.

Clarris was going to be her way out, if she woke her up once, she was going to wake up the Cleselda that was lying in the tomb too. Two Cleseldas were obviously stronger than the Nemo.

She appeared in Clarris's room and found her sleeping, she sat by the bedside and laughed. The Nemo was not as smart as he thought she thought to herself.

All she needed was Clarris's tears. She slowly removed the covers and tried to grab her but ended up grabbing air. “No no no,” she tried again but her hands went through Clarris's bod
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