Chapter 60

They tried to resuscitate Clarris but got no response, they were now panicking. Darrell held his finger over her nose to feel if she was breathing but felt nothing.

Princess Elsa knelt down and tried to check for a pulse but got nothing. “She is still warm,” she informed them.

“The heart is disappearing,” Marcus shouted, forcing them all to look at his hands. Slowly the heart began fading in phases and finally disappeared. They looked back at Clarris and Omen, both were visible but it was the only time. Marcus only sat down in shock. “It's over, it's all over, we failed, I failed Omen."

“No no we did not fail, how could he leave his fate in the hands of a century-old angry bitter witch,” Lotus stated and took a seat.

“He left a head of her but I screwed up,” Marcus stated, “it is all my fault, I failed mother, Nephius, Daniel, Mi,guel, and Barrick, I failed them all,” Marcus kept beating himself.

“Stop beating yours, we all tried, it was Clarris who failed Omen,” Darrell replied.

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