Chapter 69

Rachel spit on the ground and looked at Clarris with disdain, then turned and looked at Nephius. “Your first rule has a king and you choose to dine with the snake that cursed you!” Nephius only looked down in shame. But his other brothers were right, he needed Omen and Clarris had the Naga to worry about more than them.

Marcus walked over to where Rachel was standing and reminded her of the day she defended him when he had betrayed his brothers not once but twice.

“Mother, remember when everyone wanted me punished or should I say dead? You said Omen kept me alive because he was in need of me?”

“What has that got to do with this snake!” Rachel asked

“We need Omen, Omen likes the snake so we will let him play with it until he gets tired or she hurts him and the Naga kills her?” Lotus replied. Clarris couldn't believe what she was hearing, she clenched her teeth and was about to say something but Omen held her hand.

Rachel looked at them with spite, turned, and walked back into the cas
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