Chapter 76

The crowning ceremony was finally over and King Nephius began his rule. A year passed and he married Princess Elsa's immediate sister, Princess Ingrid of Arthora kingdom. The two met at his crowning ceremony and immediately connected. Marcus and Daniel also married from the other five kingdoms in order to strengthen the Kingdom's relationship.

The two ruled together with the king as his right hands. Marcus was soft and effective for tactical decisions while Daniel was brutal and effective for tough decisions.

Darrell and Princess Elsa also got married in kingdom Ella and held a grand wedding. The Princess took over from her mother as Queen and ruled the Kingdom of Ella with Darrell by her side.

After getting tired of being on king Nephius's throat every day, Lotus finally decided to explore the world. He first approached the Pixiu but it refused, there was no way it was going to leave its love nest. Then he approached the Nixie, he thought it was going to refuse but to his surprise,
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