The Mad Moon

Canilus was beautiful, well the King was named after the kingdom. The whole kingdom was so colourful as they prepared for the festival, it was all so colourful.

Diamant took the mirror and looked at her face again, she could barely recognize herself nor could she recognize DL who sat across her in the carriage. When they got to the gate, a guard knocked at the window and it was opened.

"Sir Giston and my wife, Lady Ania from the House of Chandra, the Stone Clan." DL spoke and the guard went through whatever he was holding and if Dimitri did his job well, they had nothing to worry about.

Dimitri did a great job because they were now in one of the guest rooms in the palace. Diamant sat across the room in front of a mirror, patting her neck mindlessly.

DL had come to the conclusion that the person who attacked Roc was one of the numerous ladies he had crossed paths with. The impeccable timing was only a coincidence.

DL sat down silently, he had pulled off most of his robe. He could see t
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