Swaying Emotions

They approached the cave in silence, each one thinking about how things had turned out terribly in such little time. When they got in, they prepared a little fire and started going through the small bags with them that Diamant had mandated they had taken with them.

Diamant frowned at the numerous bottles of herbs in her bag. She didn't really have much of anything else. She had quickly grabbed on them before leaving Alusa and she was glad she had learnt a thing or two from Sunain. Although, they hadn't seen each other before Diamant had to leave hurriedly for Canilus.

She looked to DL and her heart clenched. Her decision seemed to weigh down on her and once again she couldn't help but doubt herself.

What was wrong with her? It was just one arrow, one arrow laced with sleeping herbs! What was the big deal about that? Why should that allow her to see him in a different light?! He was still what he was, still who he was. He was still a murderer, he was still her punishment! Nothing had
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