Unexpected Betrayal

He was never one to wake up late, not with the hard trainings his grandpa gave him but today was an exception. The rays of the sun that creeped into the cave almost blinded him when he opened his eyes. He brought his hand up to shield his eyes and rested on an elbow. He looked around, adjusting his eyes to the light.

He found Diamant who was pulling a shirt on some distance away from him. She tied her long black hair up into a ponytail. She turned to him and he remembered. He remembered their close moment had only happened yesterday. He wanted to smile at her but her hardened face stopped him.

"Finally, you are awake, my Lord. We would have set out at dawn but the rest was needed for you. I have surveyed the area and I have noted everywhere the guards are that is close to the cave. I hunted, so there are some roasted meat for you to eat. We must hurry, Dragon Lord..." Diamant cold voice was cut short.

"Drako" He corrected.

Diamant clenched her teeth. She didn't want to say his name, s
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