Fading Peace

The closer the burning body moved, the more her heart raced with fear. She stepped back mindlessly, her eyes not leaving the DL's burning body as it moved closer to her.

They were there again, just that this time there was no crowd calling her Mother. There was no Aaron sitting on the throne, no Nein, no Nana. Just her on the podium and DL's burning body.

She could feel the blazing heat. She looked up at him but his face was burnt, black and some of his burnt skin were falling to the ground.

"Go away." She whispered out of fear as she stepped back but it kept following her. She looked around quickly if there was something she could throw at it but there was nothing so she continued stepping back till she finally hit the wall.

Her hands felt the wall and her heart raced knowing she was trapped. Her eyes turned glassy with fear and she looked back at the burning body that was still walking towards her.

"No!" She screamed but he didn't stop.

When he got close enough, the heat engulfed
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