Another Stain To The Imperfect

Lewis stepped into his stable, the neighing of horses filled the air. He would have to be fast with the issue of the twin so that he could call back the men who took care of the horses.

He walked to where he had the twin tied up and something immediately felt wrong. The window to the room was broken.

The tray of food in his hand fell to the floor, he hurriedly went to where the twin should be. He knew what he would see but he hoped with all his heart that it wouldn't be true.

He found the place empty and the ropes loose. He stumped his foot against the ground in anger, his heart beating wildly as his palms became sweaty.

Someone must have known about his plans or maybe it was just the other that had come to rescue his brother. Either ways, he wasn't safe any longer. Yet, he could still try his luck and push through with his plans of exposing Nana because the more he lingered, the higher the tendency of his danger.

But he needed a prove!

He turn different options in his mind. The King
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