Ticking Poison Bomb

She bit her lips in guilt before closing her eyes briefly and nodding her head.

"Maybe I overdid it, I am sorry."

"Maybe...?" He mocked.

She sucked in a long deep breath.

"I overdid it, I am sorry. Yet you can't totally blame me, you betrayed him, Lewis. He was going to change!" Her shoulders grew tense as she defended herself.

"I did it for us, I did it so that we can be together, Clara! What part of that do you not understand?!" His eyes misted with tears. "And everyday I regretted it, you pushed me away for something that I selflessly did. Didn't you ever think that it was painful for me to betray Goben? Still, I did it! I did it for us, for you!"

Her resistance finally broke and tears streamed down her face.

"But you broke us. Because of him? Because of a man that would throw you into the dungeon without thinking twice, a man that gave you hell. Yet I am the bad one merely because he was 'changing'."

"Changing...?" He laughed humourlessly.

"I am sorry, Lewis. I was just so angry t
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